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So that time of the year is fast approaching, tickets are on sale, frantically asking your friends which ones they’re going to? Have you got a ticket? Who’s playing where….aaahhhh. OH THEY’VE ALL SOLD OUT. Shit!

Well this blog post aims to bring you summary of the best weekend, day and abroad festivals going on this summer. Don’t take my world for it but these would be the three that I would be attending this year if I had my way!

Glastonbury….. OBVIOUSLY!

If you have been one of the lucky sod’s to manage to get a ticket well you can beam in glee while we watch it from our television sets. Sob sob. But if your going to attempt to grab a lucky ticket that has not been claimed…here are the facts you need to know:

Ticket price: £216 including booking fee

Where: In the depth of the Somerset fields, Glastonbury

Transport: You can drive but you need to buy a permit. Regular trains from London and major cities, but be prepared to queue for hours at the station to get one of their shuttle busses.

Headliners: Rihanna, rolling stones and prince are rumoured to play, as well as ALT+J, Nas and Kasabian have confirmed.

Friend’s going– You’d know about it by now by their gloating Facebook statuses.

Primavera sound – Barcelona

Whilst those are sitting in a leaking tent sloshing around in wellies in the UK you could be in the Spanish sun listening to a similar line up for a similar price as Glasto including flights!

Ticket price: 195 Euros (£170) Day tickets are also available for around 60euros

Where: Barcelona, somewhere on the beach. The acts don’t kick off until the evening so fear not melting whilst singing along to your favourite songs.

Transport: Plane is probably your easiest and quickest way. Get on Easyjet for cheapest flights.

Headliners: Blur, Vaccines, Phoenix, Wu tang Clan, Nick cave and the bad seeds and Hot chip to name a few.

Friends going – There are very few weekend tickets left however day tickets are still available, Get a day ticket and then make the rest of your week a nice break in the Spanish city?

Parklife – Manchester

A two day, predominately dance weekender festival that up until recently has been quite small, but this year the line up is one not to miss. It runs for just two days, buying a ticket that admits you into both days, however there is no camping available. Which some might see as a good thing?!

Tickets: £69.50 for the two days.

Where: Manchester, England

Transport: Heaton Park,  The Park has 2 metro link stops, Heaton Park and Bowker Vale on the Bury line, which you can access from mainline Manchester station.

Headliners: The Macabees, Plan B, Aluna george, Cryil Hahn, Shy Fx, Totally enormous extinct dinosaurs, Julian Bashmore, Disclosure to name a few.

Friends going? – There are still tickets available, book a bnb for the night and have a two days bender with all your mates, hopefully in the British sun!

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Album Review: Foxygen – We are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic

This is all I know about Foxygen; they are another in a long line of postmillennial indie rock duos, they’re from California and this is their second album. Now, aside from the slightly awful Wayne’s World-referencing moniker, that in itself should be enough to generate a wave of apathy so intense that you could quite possibly yawn yourself inside out, if only you could be bothered.

Fortunately though for everyone involved, Foxygen actually sound like all your favourite tracks from your ultimate 60s and 70s playlist. All being played at once. By Neutral Milk Hotel. You can hear the Beatles, the Stones, Dylan, Bowie, the Velvet Underground, Sly Stone, the Lovin’ Spoonful, a little bit of Donovan and even a tiny speck of Marvin Gaye – and that’s just in one song – but Foxygen aren’t mere copyists or retro fetishists. That they manage to ground each song firmly in 2013 without resorting to studio gimmickry or cheap genre-hopping frippery makes them very much the audio equivalent of a Wes Anderson film. First listen highlights of the album are ‘Shuggie’ with the slacker refrain “You don’t love me, that’s news to me”, the cheeky Scott McKenzie-referencing ‘San Francisco’ and ‘No Destruction’, with its playful dig at the NY music scene “There’s no need to be an asshole, you’re not in Brooklyn anymore”. Obviously, any band of an indie rock bent that crawls out of California won’t escape the often lazy comparisons to the mighty Pavement and Foxygen are no different but, this time, it’s justified and entirely to their credit. Call it indolent, call it wonky, call it lo-fi but it really must be something they put in the orange juice that makes these bands sound the way they do.

Foxygen might not win any awards for being the most original or inventive indie rock duo of 2013 (or any other year) but they do have a breezy charm to their music that should bring a smile to all but the stoniest faces for the at least 36 minutes or so and that is not such a bad prospect at all. Highly recommended.

By Lee Goodman

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mens moodboard

CLICK HERE…to shop these styles

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Sample sale from Thursday 7th March to Saturday 9th will bring you a selection of T-shirt from several seasons. However the majority will be samples from current SS13 collection. Along with Worn By T-shirts there will also be a other brands selling samples. Entry fee will apply on the door. See you all there!! samplesale

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Steve Gullick – Punk as Fuck exhibition

From the 1st of March until, legendary rock photographer and front man of Tenebrous LIAR, Steve Gullick will be exhibiting a selection of hand-printed photographs of bands such as Nirvana, Soundgarden and Hole in Whitechapel, East London. The exhibition, Punk As Fuck and it’s running until 31 March 2013 at Indo, 133 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1DT. Taken from now-defunct music weeklies Melody Maker and Sounds between 1990 and 1993, Gullick photographed bands during the grunge and punk rock resurgence years.  Opening night, Friday 1 March (tonight), will feature a set by Spiders Love Buzz at the gallery, playing a host of period-correct grunge and slacker niceties from 7pm onwards.

Who said punk was dead eh?
punk is dead

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Vivienne Westwood – T-shirt innovator and rebel

Vivienne Westwood is almost certainly one of the greatest living designer, however her career started at humble beginnings designing a range of T-shirts for her and Malcolm McLaren’s shop on the Kings road, ‘Let it Rock’.

‘Westwood supplied a number of sleeveless t-shirts designs all in black. One range had zippers placed over the nipples, while another extended the cap sleeves recently revived by Antony price at plaza by placing small cut up rubber tyres over the shoulders. Some had statement s such as SCUM- the acronym for the would be assain of Any Warhol, Valerie Solanas society for cutting up men- printed on them while others ‘Venus’ was spelled out in studs on the front’

Between 1972 and 1979, McLaren, Westwood and their shop workers produced a range of T-shirt designs that overturned icons, displayed overt sexual imagery, settled scores and celebrated outlaws. The appropriation of text had been occurring in Fine art circles for decades, however it was avant-garde to put text onto the clothing and T-Shirts, this challenged political, and social and sexual boundaries. Priced between £2 and £7, the t-shirts were printed on stark colours with zips, cigarette burns and strategically ripped holes. Despite the relative freedom of expression in the new millennium, several still cannot be worn today without provoking public comment. T-shirt slogans included: ‘YOU’RE GONNA WAKE UP ONE MORNING AND KNOW WHICH SIDE OF THE BED YOU’VE BEEN LYING ON’, ‘I GROANED’ and ‘SOFTLY SHE UNDULATED’

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